St Kilda Art Crawl-ESPY OPENS

The Esplanade Hotel (ESPY) in St Kilda opened its doors after being closed for around two years for the St Kilda Arts Community. 

Macnamara Forum

Hightlights from the Macnamara Climate Forum with Federal Party candidates  Josh Burns (Australian Labor Party), Steph Hodgins-May )The Australian Greens) and Kate Ashmor (Liberal Party of Australia) 

#HAPPY FoLK Cafe Launch

The dark end of Fitzroy St was lit up for the first time for awhile. A property owner decided to open one of his empty shops in Fitzroy St with the launch of the #HAPPY FoLK cafe. .  

St Kilda Art Crawl

St Kilda Art Crawl launched in 2017 with 37 venues, 12 stages and music venues and more than 90 artists showcasing the best in St Kilda.

Minister on Art Crawl

The Minister for the Arts Hon. Martin Foley commented of the St Kilda Art Crawl that was about to be launched in St Kilda.

ESV - Testing for carbon monoxide spillage

The dangers of the silent killar carbon monoxide leakage and how to avoid it. 



Central City Studios

The Dockland film studios and what the studios offer to the international market with the facilities and locations.

Vineyard Sessions

Music series for community television including interviews and live music.

Cencia - Crowd funding

Ciencia and had their successful crowdfunding campaign which raised $100,000. 

Careers Corner

Linesperson Overview

Careers Corner

Women in Industry


Acclimatize Hunting



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