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Picture by Simon Barnett

Live Music - Voices of Change

By Simon Barnett

Live music in St Kilda has partly been affected by existing and out of date residential and sound restrictions laid down by the state government in 1989 and policed by the EPA, police, council and Liquor Licensing. At least one venue owner has had fines withdrawn and criminal charges substituted.

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Picture by Simon Barnett

Networking Event with Arts

By Simon Barnett

Artist, business people and entrepreneurs find common ground on the 21st of March. CoWork Me, based in St Kilda, hosted a new networking event that brought artist, business people and entrepreneurs together to share their experience and reveal how much everybody has in common.  


50 Shades

By Kerrie Pacholli

Anyone that has seen the films with the very sexy Jamie Dorman, who even made a psycho sexual serial killer in “The Fall” look hot, will get a spark of interest.  There were a lot of women in the audience I noted.

Picture by Simon Barnett

Three Painters

By Simon Barnett

Currently in a delightful gallery in Lygon Street Carlton, three artists are exhibiting their work together for the first time, but only for two weeks.

Steps Gallery is a purpose-built exhibition space owned and run by the Meat Industry Employees’ Superannuation Fund. The gallery is walking distance from Melbourne’s central business district and attracts a lot of passing pedestrian traffic.

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