We have many years experience in the new media business incorporating Web Development, Television/Film/Sound Production including Television Programs (Documentries, TV Specials & Series), Television Commercials, Corporate/Training and promotional Films.


Not only are we involved with conceptual and development of most projects, we can plan and organise all methods of distribution from conventional methods such as television media to new and developing Global Website techniques.


Clients include; Television Networks, Production Companies, State Governments, Advertising Agencies, Record Companies, large and small corporates.




Aria (Australia)

Triple Platinum 

"Dudith Durham Seekers"


BPME (USA) Creativity

Melbourne News Promo

"See Our world" 


Penguin (Australia) Creative 

"One Small Step"

Mobius (USA) Creative 

Sydney News Promo


Penguin (Australia)

Writer Excellence for Drama 

"One Day Soon" 



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